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September is an important month to celebrate sustainability and taking care of our earth, with days such as “Zero Emissions Day” and “World Environmental Health Day” taking place within the month, we thought it would be the perfect time to remind you of some of the amazing Sustainable Fashion brands that we work with at Hejj Store

Whilst we believe all months should have a significant importance in improving our earth and taking an extra step into experiencing a more sustainable consumption pattern, we want to share the amazing work our partnering brands are doing to hopefully inform you and inspire you into an eco-friendlier wardrobe.

Sustainable Fashion

“As individuals, the first step towards a sustainable way of living are consuming less. But a world without clothing would be a strange place.” Foret’s core brand values have been appreciating the earth and our time in it since the beginning of its existence.

They describe their design process as a holistic approach of trying to make long-lasting items while minimizing their impact on the environment by choosing durable quality materials.


  • 90% of their garments produced in 2020 were made from mono fiber fabrics, meaning that their aim is to make collections that can go into a process of recycling.
  • They use responsible fabrics such as Organic Cotton GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard), Recycled Polyester GRS (Global Recycled Standard) and Recycled Wool GRS.


This Sustainable Fashion brand is striving for a reliable responsible certification on all their fabrics in 2022, and they hope that their responsible approach towards fashion is not limited to their own brand, but that it may inspire beyond.

Sustainable Fashion

Good News is another favourite of ours when it comes to sustainable fashion, their aim is to create a platform we can all use to promote a healthy planet. What makes them so incredible, apart from their amazing shoes, are the brand’s values towards sustainability.

They use fewer processes to make their products as well as monitoring their supply chain to promote a fair trade. Not only that, but they also donate deadstock and faulty shoes to the homeless and refugees in need.


  • All their materials are environmentally and socially progressive.
  • They use GOTS certified Organic Cotton, GOTS Cord, Tencel and Hemp.
  • They don’t use toxins, pesticides, chemical fertilizers, or GMO seeds.
  • Their soles are made using recycled rubber pellets ground from car tyres and old rubber shoes.


The Good Luck Shoes project was created to help provide functional footwear to migrants arriving in Italy. To date, they have provided over 3000 pairs of functional shoes to migrants and refugees arriving in Italy.

Sustainable Fashion

“A product from us is all you’ll need, and sustainability is always trending”. This sustainable fashion brands believes that by over consuming, we strip the Earth of its natural resources and contribute to climate change. To lower the negatives effects of overconsumption, they create timeless essentials that withstand the test of time.


  • Not only is their cotton 100% Organic and GOTS certified, but their whole production process (everything from fabric mill to laundry to cutting, sewing, and packaging) is also GOTS certified.
  • Their wool products are made from 100% recycled extra-fine merino wool GRS certified.
  • All their dyes are Oeko-Tex Certified, meaning they have been thoroughly tested for harmful chemicals.


Their clothes are dyed using the garment dying process, meaning that they only dye according to demand. They use laser cutting, this means less raw materials are wasted and less energy is being used compared to other cutting tools and presses.

And the little strips left behind from their precise cutting do not go to waste either, they use these leftover materials by recycling them into the form of furniture fillings!

Sustainable Fashion

The Wax London team is striving to make the most responsible choices in the production of our collections, with people and the planet at the forefront. What is pivotal for this sustainable brand is knowing who make their clothes and how they are valued in their roles.


  • They use recycled cotton (repurposed from pre and post consumer cotton waste) as it diverts perfectly good fabric away from landfills and gives it a new life.
  • Their cotton falls into all these different certifications: GOTS, Organic Cotton Standard 100 (OCS100), and Better Cotton Initiative (BCI).
  • They use recycled PET plastic (as in plastic water bottles) that is turned into regenerated polyester.


Textile waste is rife in the fashion industry, as the production of garments often results in leftover fabric and trims. Wax London actively looks for opportunities with their suppliers to use fabrics that other brands have ordered, but not utilised, to reduce the need for new materials.

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