London Hidden Gems
London Hidden Gems
London Hidden Gems Neal's Yard

London Hidden Gems

(Lockdown Friendly-ish)

If you’re not a Londoner, or live in the UK, you may not know, but we’ve been in lockdown for a LONG time.

It’s quite easy to lose inspiration (and just life purpose in general) when you’re living a monotone life stuck at home. It’s happened to me at least.

Now that restrictions are thankfully easing, I thought I’d share my favourite London Hidden Gems, some not-so-hidden, of this wonderful city. Come along!

London Hidden Gems Columbia Flower Market

First stop on a Sunday morning has to be Columbia Road Flower Market, even though it’s still closed due to lockdown, we’re hoping and praying that as the restrictions ease, we’ll be able to smell the flowers again.

Located in the East of London, you’re of course in for a vibrant and creative experience.

The wholesome and welcoming atmosphere, the colour palette and the combination of flower and fresh coffee smells will sure stir up the artist in you.

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London Hidden Gems Neal's Yard

Next stop, we’ll grab some lunch at Neal’s Yard in Covent Garden. Although in a very touristy area, this little corner can be hard to spot if you don’t know what you’re looking for.

The crazy colours and variety in commerce in such a small space will definitely impress you.

Grab a slice of pizza at the famous Homeslice or a brunch in one of the vegan cafés, whilst looking out the window to the fantastic architecture.

We got some items from this inspiration !

London Hidden Gems Deptford Market Yard

Last stop in our journey is Deptford Market Yard, definitely the most hidden of these gems. In the South East of London, it’s definitely a growing cultural hub, with an artsy atmosphere of creatives (art university Goldsmiths is a few minutes away!) and locals. The independent cafés and bars will sure impress you with their unique décor, and if that doesn’t do it for you the street art definitely will!

The best part? Most restaurants have a terrace so enjoy your dinner outside with a buzzing atmosphere and an amazing array of cuisines (we’re in the South East after all).

Wear these for outside dinner to keep cool and warm !

We hope you enjoyed this little virtual tour of some of our favourite London Hidden Gems. Where are you going to go first after lockdown is lifted?

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