BRAND PT – Han Kjøbenhavn

BRAND PT – Han Kjøbenhavn


The Unconventional Creativity of the Danish Fashion House

Han Kjøbenhavn

The story of a brand who’s creativity and storytelling surpasses just simply clothing & explores storytelling formats that go beyond the usual “glamour” in fashion

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Han Kjøbenhavn was founded in 2008 by the Danish creative artist and film director, Jannik Wikkelsø Davidsen. While working as the Creative Director for creative agency, DDB, he designed his first eyewear collection and men’s apparel silhouettes that soon became core pieces of Han Kjøbenhavn. Today the brand has a full men’s, women’s and accessories collection that is now showed on the official calendar in Milan.

Very symptomatic for Wikkelsø Davidse, the ambitions for Han Kjøbenhavn is to create an environment that is more than just about the clothes. Han Kjøbenhavn has developed into a catalyst for innovation, creative solutions, and storytelling that stretches beyond the piece of clothing. Early on, Han Kjøbenhavn revolutionized the format of conventional fashion shows and created spectacular scenographies/stories that connected with the audience in an emotional way that had not been seen before.

Short films were introduced as part of the launch of the seasonal collections (all films are award winning.) Old models and homeless people were casted on the streets and used in campaigns to fuel the conflict between the fashionable settings and the raw and uncompromising storytelling and expression.

These elements are still at the core of Han Kjøbenhavn and the brand is known for its social realistic and honest style in the storytelling and creative solutions. The brand is today a growing community of innovation and creative nerve that has caught the attention of international reviewers, stylists, and editors – WWD highlighted Han Kjøbenhavn as “one to watch” during the AW19 Paris Fashion Week.


The ambition for Han Kjøbenhavn is to challenge and evolve the format of conventional thinking. Short films, art projects and progressive marketing campaigns are important parts of Han Kjøbenhavn’s universe. Through story-driven communication their ambition is to connect with their audience on a deeper level.

Slide Collaborations with PUMA Han designed four independent collctions of sneakers and apprel in collaboration with sportswear brand PUMA. Slide Alteration Exhibition Inspired by a post-apocalyptic world, the art installation revealed the ALTERATION co-creation between Wikkelso Davidsen and PUMA Slide Renowned Danish furniture maker Fritz Hansen exclusively chose Han Kjobenhavn,
to do their interpretation of Arne Jacobsen's iconic Grand Prix chair
(which got its name after winning a Grand Prix at Triennale di Milano in 1957).

The collaboration was presented at various design exhibitions around the world
and was sold as limited edition.
Collaborations with
Fritz Hansen


Jannik Wikkelsø Davidsen is a Danish installation artist, film director and fashion designer.
He founded Han Kjøbenhavn with the aim to create a fashion house that is driven by storytelling.

Being born in the outskirts of Copenhagen, Han Kjøbenhavn has a gritty aesthetic with a very emotional core, Wikkelsø Davidsen is known for his uncompromising style of using cultural “conflicts” as a driver of innovation and storytelling. He is effortlessly fusing raw suburban culture with avant-garde Scandinavian design aesthetics.

Observations and thereby portraits of human behaviour, social systems, and culture at large is an embedded part of the personality of Wikkelsø Davidsen. Han Kjøbenhavn is a part of the creative underground culture and environment and is a catalyst for innovation, creative solutions, and storytelling that stretches beyond the piece of clothing.

Han Kjøbenhavn has made a number of award winning short films, exhibitions and shows – not limited to clothing alone. Han Kjøbenhavn is a growing community of innovation and creative nerve that inspires Wikkelsø Davidsen’s concepts and collections.

About 20AW Collection Inspired by the Danish winter landscape



The 20AW collection of Han Kjobenhavn is inspired by the Danish winter landscape, the short days, and the endless darkness.
It’s a study on human behaviour when the landscape changes and impacts the social interaction between people. When the rough winter climate takes over, we seek social resorts to engage with each other and participate in communities that stimulates togetherness.

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