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About Us
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We are an online lifestyle store for fashion, design and art based in London and Seoul.

Here at Hejj Store, we offer a never-ending selection of products, including an edited and curated range of hard-to-find clothing and accessories from the world’s most prestigious designers.

At Hejj Store, we want shopping to be all about discovery, we want shopping here to be an eclectic and playful journey that goes beyond fashion’s strict seasonal rules. We want this to allow men and women to express their individuality through timeless and creative styles.


Hejj Store is managed by “Juno Apparel” in South Korea and “Cabinat LTD” in the United Kingdom, we have offices and operations in both Seoul and London, with this we want to ensure an exceptional level of customer service. We offer rapid and reliable delivery, especially throughout Europe and South Korea and best-class customer care.


We believe at Hejj store that we can combine the best shopping experiences from both countries; the creative and personal retail experience Europeans are known for, and the excellent customer service and benefits from South Korea.

This is why our store offers a mileage program; where you can gain points from each purchase and use those points as credit or discounts in your next purchase. We also offer extra points and advantages for reviews from our customers, because we care about what you have to say and we want to make the shopping experience as personalised and smooth as possible.

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